"Early Years theatre pioneer"

The Irish Times

Anna introduced babytheatre to Replay Theatre Company and babyshows she has made for them have toured to some of the most disadvantaged families in Northern Ireland, to Cape Town and off-Broadway.

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As a result of the impact of her work on babies and parents and Sure Start staff in Belfast, Anna was invited to sit on the Belfast Infant Mental Health & Wellbeing Action Plan Working Group and leading Early Years Research Psychologist, Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, is now a major advocate for Anna's work.

Anna's work with babies is inspired and informed by both her tiny audience members and by Early Years neuroscience.  It's responsive, it's connective and it creates a space where these tiniest citizens can have agency and individuality as they move through these magical creative theatre adventures.

Anna is passionate about bringing high quality arts experiences to babies across the broadest possible social demographic and her use of portable performance spaces means that exactly the same show was seen by parents who attended performances in Sure Start Centres across Belfast was exactly the same as performances at the New Victory, a dedicated children's theatre on 42nd Street in New York.

Connection with her audience is mirrored by connection with organisations who work with her audience and key partnerships - these include the Katharine Howard Foundation and the national network of Children & Young People's Services Committees in Ireland.

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