Getting back in the boats!

Four years ago, I made a show with boats in a bubble. It was one of the most extraordinary journeys into the unknown that I'd ever taken - and one of the most rewarding. With the mentorship of the generous and inspirational Tim Webb from Oily Cart (who were the real pioneers of this work) and with the support and faith of the pupils, teachers and parents of Glenveagh Special School (who were our creative consultants on the project), Replay and I and a fabulous motley crew of artists created BLISS - an immersive adventure for children and young people with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties which featured (amongst other things) fantastical sea creatures, a massive storm, a shoal of

NI4Kids Family Event of the Year Finalist

In the late summer of 2013, I sat in a room listening to Helen Marriage talking inspirationally as ever, launching the brand new Creative and Cultural Belfast Fund - a joint Belfast City Council and Arts Council Northern Ireland initiative, looking for bold projects that could capture the imagination of the whole city and be 'distinctly Belfast'. When you say 'distinctly Belfast', immediately people start thinking about geography, architecture, history and of course we have plenty of all of these things. But I got to thinking..... what about the future, what about the Belfast that we want for our children, what about..... the world's first BabyDay...... Over two years later, on Sunday 27t

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