• Anna Newell

Four Go Wild in Wellies!

It's the end of the first week of R&D for FOUR GO WILD IN WELLIES - a brand new show that I'm making for Glasgow-based inclusive dance company Indepen-dance's performance company Indepen-dance4 in collaboration with old friends, David Goodall and Stevie Prickett. The hottest week of the year so far and I decided to start with woolly hats, scarves and wellies........

It was a packed week with an informal sharing to its target audience of rapt 3-5 year olds (and a load of interested adults as well) in the fabulous setting of Scottish Ballet's Workroom space in The Tramway.

Three more weeks in October and this wee gem will be ready to go out on the road. Video promo to follow very soon.

And on the first day, we made this happen.....

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