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Getting back in the boats!

Four years ago, I made a show with boats in a bubble. It was one of the most extraordinary journeys into the unknown that I'd ever taken - and one of the most rewarding. With the mentorship of the generous and inspirational Tim Webb from Oily Cart (who were the real pioneers of this work) and with the support and faith of the pupils, teachers and parents of Glenveagh Special School (who were our creative consultants on the project), Replay and I and a fabulous motley crew of artists created BLISS - an immersive adventure for children and young people with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties which featured (amongst other things) fantastical sea creatures, a massive storm, a shoal of plastic ducks and a mermaid called Barbara.

During the process of the creation of BLISS, I realised with crystal clarity what theatre is for me - it's one human being communicating with/ connecting with another human being; and my job, our job is to create the optimum conditions for connection, for communication - see here for a blog about theatre in Belfast that quotes me on this!

This summer, unexpectedly, there's the chance to get back afloat on that sea of dreams as BLISS has been selected as one of just a handful of shows to represent the UK and Ireland at ASSITEJ (the World Congress and Festival of Theatre for Children and Young People).

And in the weekend between our two rehearsal weeks, appropriately enough, I'm delighted to have been invited to a workshop on communication and connection at the University of Warwick alongside my old friend and inspiration, Dr Suzanne Zeedyk......

Here's Conan McIvor's beautiful video about BLISS......

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