• Anna Newell

My Smile Has Fallen Down

In May, I’ll be doing a micro-residency funded and hosted by Roscommon Arts Centre with performer/composer Dan Leith (with whom I made A BOY & HIS BOX and who is currently working with Tinderbox on his own show) and Brighton-based puppet theatre company Touched Theatre (with whom I made TWINKLE TWINKLE - currently touring the UK & Ireland).

It’s the first tiny steps towards a show called MY SMILE HAS FALLEN DOWN. The show will be for audiences aged 4-7 and is about happiness and sadness and how sometimes there is more sadness than we know what to do with.

It’s an idea Dan and I dreamed up to honour our very special and much missed friend and co-conspirator, Patrick Sanders - who Touched Theatre also worked with. We hope it’ll be full of his sort of kindness, mischief, wonderful squinty world view, honesty and joy.

Illustration by Dan Leith

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